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Marketing Tricks For The New Entrepreneur

Every venture you decide to embark on will have its challenges, ups and downs — that’s just a blunt fact of the life of an entrepreneur. As you begin your business, you’ll realize that there are many pieces to the puzzle. In this article my goal is to decode the ONE thing you can focus […]

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Cutting Edge Creative Real Estate Techniques.

Creative real estate is an essential skill that any real estate investor must  add  to their toolbox.   The ability to structure   unconventional transactions will only  give you an unfair advantage over  others who simply focus  on making cash offers.  Most people  learn to only  make cash offers, not  knowing that  only a small  fraction of  […]

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Be Your Own Guru

Contrary to what most real estate gurus tell you, wholesaling real estate takes hard work, dedication and unbending determination. Prepare yourself for massive action and you should prevail. There are plenty of gurus minimizing the hard work that wholesaling entails. These gurus seem desperate to sell on a concept that seems easy. The concept might […]

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Increase Your Profits on Every Deal By Mastering a Simple Technique Most others Fail to Recognize

If you are looking to gain a competitive advantage, gain clarity about  what’s  a deal  and what’s not a deal, make faster and more accurate offers. and make more money in the process. Then, you should  learn how to estimate repairs like a Pro You’ll not only be able to make  way more money, but you’ll  be able […]

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Finding Accurate Comps and Gaining Access to the MLS For FREE

  One of the main stumbling blocks   people face when starting out in the business is how to find reliable sources for comps. While many investors get a license to have access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), it is definitely not necessary to be able to make money in the business.    In this article […]

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Finding Motivated Sellers.

Finding motivated sellers is the crux of a successful wholesaling business. There is probably nothing more important in the business than finding GOOD deals. One of the big mistakes i see people make and one I personallly specialized in when starting out was to focus all energies into  one or two marketing techniques. This is a biggie. […]

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Deal Analysis. Deal or no Deal?

This week I received a call from a seller that responded to a mailing I sent out 6 months ago. The owner turned out to be a community church. They inherited the property close to ten years ago, and it has been vacant ever since. It needs a complete renovation inside and out. The property […]

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Finding Cash Buyers

  If you want to sell your deals  quickly  and  without any problems  to the seller, having a  buyers  list, is essential  to your success.   You will not only going to be able to sell your  deals fast,  but you can monetize  the list  by  marketing  other wholesaler’s  deals.  Many people underestimate  the power  of […]

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How to Wholesale Real Estate. Step By Step.

   1.       Lead Flow: Consistency in  your marketing is key factor  for  your success.  You should  do a combination  of yellow letters, regular  letters, bandits  signs,  car magnets, CPA  letters, Lawyer  letters,  business cards,  church letters. One of the big mistakes   a lot of people make  in the beginning  is  not being   consistent with their […]

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Fear Talk.. Let’s get to it.. Stop “analysis by paralysis” -for good..

Alright  alright  alright..  So,  you  have “paralysis by analysis”   I’ve  heard  this term way to often  and to be honest, I feel  like vomiting  all over it when I hear  the term . People  come up  with the fanciest terms  to make you  buy their product  or  just  to make  you  internalize a new “problem”  […]

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